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The Simulation Hockey League's 38th Season is currently underway!

Congratulations to the Winnipeg Jets for winning the Season 37 Challenge Cup, and the Detroit Falcons for winning the Season 37 Four Star Cup!

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» S38 SMJHL Championship Week
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 02:58 PM

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The playoffs are a super exciting time of the season. You know what makes them more exciting? Giving out a ton of TPE!

Here's how this will work: there are five tasks, each of which is worth up to 2 TPE for putting in a little effort, for a total of 10 possible TPE. You can complete them in any order and do as few or as many as you would like.

To complete all 5 tasks, you'll have to do a mixture of written and graphics work. Don't worry, we won't grade too harshly as long as you put in some effort.

Task #1 - Make a top 5 list for the playoffs. Top 5 goals in round 1, top 5 players, top 5 noteworthy people in the audience for one of the games, whatever you want. No word count, but if you just list 5 names, you won't get the full 2 tpe. Be a little creative.

Task #2 - Interview one of your teammates as if you stole a reporter's mic before or after a playoff game. If you didn't make the playoffs, do it as though it's the season exit interview. Can be as serious or not-serious as you want. Include at least 3 questions and 3 answers.

Task #3 - Write a goals highlight play by play for one series winning game, or make an infographic featuring stats from a series winning game.
Requirements: At least 250 words for written / at least 4 stats featured in at least 2 different ways for graphics (bar graphs, pie graphs, list of names, etc)

Task #4 - Make a case for who you think deserves to win Playoff MVP.
Requirements: At least 150 words and a minimum of 2 stats.

Task #5 - Create a 4 Star Cup Championship banner similar to the one the SHL uses at the top of the site.
Requirements: Must include a team logo and at least one player render.

DEADLINE FOR ALL TASKS: 7 full days after the final PBP is complete, Tuesday, January 23, 11:59PM EST.

As always, S38 SMJHL rookies only (must be eligible to enter the S39 SHL draft). Claims will go in the claim thread.

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 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 03:00 PM

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Task 1:

Top 5 Hype Songs

5: Shipping Up to Boston- No one here is actually a Boston team but nobody can deny the pure fun that the song brings. It makes you want to sit and up and steal a pirate ship.

4. Welcome to the Jungle- Who else can deny the hype that opening rift brings? Classic and amazing use by Montreal this playoff run.

3. Boom Lay Boom Lay- a surprising dark horse of the list, the Knights found mixed results. So why is it ranked so high? Because you can time fights and punches with the chorus in a highlight reel.

2. We Will Rock You - how did this song fall from grace? It is THE hype song, get the crowd to its feet!

1. DNA by Kendrick Lamar is the hype song of the playoffs. The entire stadium across the board gets on its feet and starts spitting verses like their life depends on it.

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by @NUCK @QuantumCowboy @engimatic @GLU @flappygiraffe @karey

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 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 03:04 PM

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Place Holder

Task #1 - Top 5 Plays

Number 5:
Coming in at number 5 we have Aleksandr Aleksandrov making not one, but two huge saves in the PGF game 7 win in the first round!

user posted image

Number 4

At number 4 we have the playoff leading scorer, Logan Jensen showing off 1 of his many talents, who knew that would be soccer skills!

user posted image

Number 3:
At number 3 we have Gabriel Wong showing off the only goal he scored in the playoff, it was a beauty at least!

user posted image

Number 2:
At number two we have Gilfred Alfredsson showing off why he is leading the league in hits, with a huge open ice hit!

user posted image

Number 1:

At number one we have probably one of the most amazing efforts and goals you will see in an SMHJL game. Just sit back, and enjoy this one!

user posted image

Task #2
Maksimov Interviewing Roberts Kļaviņš Whalers Goaltender.

Question: You went from being the Whalers starter, to absolutely shitting the bed and getting move to the back up position? What can you say about that?

Answer: Uhm, you are really going to ask me that? Thats honestly a dick move man, why you gotta do me dirty.

Question: Ok im sorry, im sorry alright. Lets get to the next question. Heading into next season, you will most likely be the back up, how are you going to prepare better this offseason?

Answer: Dude, again. I am going to come into camp, and win my starting position back. I am going to hire a new goalie trainer to help me this off season, I plan on training 100x harder, and eating a lot healthier.

Question: You are going to win it back? HA HA... Man Kļaviņš you are a funny guy, in my honest opinion, you might not even be back next season. Anyways, one last question for you. With your shot of making an SHL roster looking slim, whats your back up plan?

Answer: Okay, this question is a little bit more fair. I have the perfect back up plan, I plan to teach other goalies on how to be better! How to deal with the stress, how to improve their game, I think I could be a very good goalie coach.

Task #3 - 294 words

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one *BUZZ* This game is going to overtime in game 7 of the four star cup!

The puck has dropped in this over time period and the game is one - one! You can tell both teams are giving it their all, the intensity is at a series high! Next goal wins it folks you know the story. Leads jump into the play. Teams are trading chances back and forth, the goalies are really having to stand on their head right now. Connor Blackwell has just iced the puck for Detroit, and his line has been out there for awhile, this could get interesting... Blackwell wins the faceoff, but prince George is hard on the forecheck and gets the puck back, but were unable to finish on any of their chances. The teams keep going back and forth, laying big hits at both ends. We are over the half way mark of the period and you can tell fatigue is setting in.

OH NO at the 13:24 mark of the period Detroit has taken a 2 minute roughing minor, that is really going to hurt the team. Blackwell wins the faceoff and gets it deep in the PGF zone. WOW, PGF has just iced the puck on the powerplay. Zajac wins the ensuing faceoff, and the puck is progressed into the detroit zone. The puck is cycled around, and Petrikov has the puck at the point, he cycles it to half boards for Paddy Kane-Rielly! Vyskoč is creeping down the far boards.... He slips into the open ice.... Kane-Rielly makes the pass....

VYSKOČ VYSKOČ VYSKOČ ! Its over folks! VYSKOČ with the back door tap in! Prince george is the new four star cup champions!

Task #4 - 190 words

My early leader for the SMJHL playoff MVP is Evgueni Marmeladov, the goaltender for the Detroit Falcons. Through six games during this post season Marmeladov has posted a 4-1-1 record for the Falcons. One reason that is really impressive is because the Falcons currently average more shots against, then they do shots for. This means Marmeladov has been as steady as they come in the blue paint. This strong goaltending has also played a huge part on the teams chances of winning games, since the falcons average over 6 penalties a game. If Marmeladov was to regress to league average during the playoffs, many of the games would have ended up as losses for the Falcons. Marmeladov has posted an impressive .935 save percentage, which is .011 better then the next goalie who only posts a .924. Another crazy stat for Marmeladov is his impressive goals against average, being the only goalie to post a GAA under 2.00. Marmeladov has a 1.79, while the next closest goalie has a 2.04

Task #5 -

user posted image

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 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 03:15 PM


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Task 1: Top 5 Playoff Beards

5) Bob Bergen

user posted image

4) Brady McIntyre

user posted image

3) Paddy Kane Rielly

user posted image

2) Alexander Zajac

user posted image

1) Aleksandr Aleksandrov

user posted image

Task 2: Interviewing Aleksandrov

Grease: Hey Aleks, congratulations on the cup and a stellar performance in game 6.

Aleks: Thanks buddy!

Grease: I heard you got bent over pretty hard by Simon T back in game six when you posted a sub 0.900 save percentage. Is this true?

Aleks: Gary, let me tell ya... I was absolutely plowed by Simon T, and I'm beginning to think that goalie stats don't even matter in the long run!

Grease: What makes you say that Aleks?

Aleks: A while ago I was called up to the SHL as a 300 TPE player, and I went 4-2. This is why I have my suspicions.

Grease: Well, we may have to investigate this issue further in the future. On another note, I hear you're contemplating retirement - is this true?

Aleks: It sure is, I wanted to end my career off on a high note, and this seems like a perfect time!

Grease: Well congratulations on a great career, and thanks for the interview!

Aleks: No problem Grease!

Task 3: Infographic

Task 4: Playoff MVP

I believe that the player most deserving on the MVP honour in the most recent four-star cup playoffs would have to be the Russian goalie, Aleksandr Aleksandrov! Now, I may be a bit biased because he was my team's starting goalie up until the blockbuster trade involvling Prince George and Colorado. However, even the stats back me up on this one. Just take a look at Aleks' save percentage in game seven of the finals - 0.967! That is a tremendous stat, especially when Detroit's tender only mustered up a lowly 0.920. If the firebirds had average goaltending between the pipes like Detroit, the Falcons would very likely be hoisting the cup as we speak. Hence, why I believe Aleks should be named most valuable player. Furthermore, another stat that really showcases his dominant play was his minutes played in game seven of the finals - 74:25! For a full 60 minutes and overtime where he was the only thing standing in the way of a Detroit victory, Aleks stayed calm, cool, and collected to shut the door - in no way succumbing to the pressure! If someone weaker-willed was in the net for Prince George, who knows what would have happened in overtime!

Task 5: Banner

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 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 03:16 PM


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Task #1:

Top Five Scarecows of the S38 SMJHL Playoffs

5. Thé Dude- To say that the Dude is not a staple of our defense would be a lie. Throughout the playoffs, he led our defense with 6 points. He was used primarily as a scorer and distributor to most of the following players on this list. It's interesting that as a defenseman, he only recorded one hit.

4. Anuj Radia- Anuj played only around 12 minutes a game, but he made quite an impact with 7 total points. He wasn't an integral part of our success, though if others had similar results in just the same amount of time we would likely still be in the playoffs.

3. Bobby Watson- Bobby played on average, 21 minutes per game, the most minutes in the playoffs for any players on the Crows. However, in all of that time he managed to put 8 points on the board, good enough for third most on the team. His performance may be considered a little disappointing when his time on ice was considered, but nonetheless that should not detract from his accomplishments.

2. Giuseppe Risolo- Risolo is the definitive passer of our playoff run. Giuseppe led the team with 7 assists and two goals. He gave players like Jensen and Watson enough opportunities to get the job done and at least power us to the second round of the playoffs.

1. Logan Jensen- Logan is without a doubt, the main scoring threat on this team. He scored 7 goals and provided another 5 assists during our playoff run. Almost 22% of all his shots went in, at a rate 10% higher than that of the regular season. Jensen stepped up on defense as well, hitting his opponents 11 times.

Task #2

Interviewing Dermott Lavelle

Question 1: I know that we're all disappointed after our performance in the second round, but how do you feel about the team's direction for next year?

"To be honest, I feel great about the direction we're going in. All our rookies have a solid year under their belt including second round playoff experience, combine with the fact that I'm staying down here and honing my skills will hopefully guide us to the four star next season. Sure it sucks to fall to Detroit yet again but we're building off of a solid foundation and hopefully we hit the 4 star cup in my remaining 2 seasons here."

Question 2: Going forward, what do you believe are the key areas that we as a team have to improve upon to dominate the league as serious contenders?

"Well for a start SHL teams need to not fuck us over and actually read the rulebook, it's terms and conditions and everything. That'd be great if they weren't incompetent and pulled our players when we need them in a clutch situation. Secondly we realistically need a decent SMJHL draft, we don't need lights out rookies when we're coming off an already great pull of prospects from last year."

Question 3: If you could be on a deserted island with any member of this team, who would it be and why?

"It would probably be Anuj, Anuj Radia to be exact. If we're on the deserted island then I can simply use him as bait for the other animals or eat him myself. His inability to train and improve over the last 2 seasons has proven he's surplus to requirements."

Task #3

Game 4 Vancouver Whalers @ St. Louis Scarecrows

DeMaricus Smyth takes the puck into the Whalers zone, and HE SHOOTS... but misses the net entirely. The puck rolls along the left boards and scooped up by Svatoslav Bodnar who passes to Dermott Lavelle FOR A DEFLECTION but Liam O'Callaghan is there to block the shot with his body. Dermot Lavelle gathers the puck and tries again FOR A SHOT DIRECTLY ON GOAL... which is easily stopped by the glove of Julian O'sullivan for a face off. Vancouver wins the faceoff, and try to quickly take the puck up ice but stout Crow defense retrieves the puck and begin their own assault on the Whaler zone. Logan Jensen passes to Bobby Watson AND HE'LL TAKE A SHOT FROM THE POINT... THAT GOES IN! CROW ARE ON THE BOARD FIRST, 4:27 into the game!

Giuseppe Risolo dekes into the offensive zone, takes a shot that goes wide right of the net, but Seth Paige is there for the rebound and sends back along the boards to Logan Jensen WHO GETS IT TO GIUSEPPE RISOLO OUT IN FRONT WHO TAPS IT BETWEEN THE LEGS OF O'SULLIVAN! THE CROWS ARE OUT TO AN EARLY 2-0 LEAD IN JUST 5:09 OF PLAY.

Seth Paige passes to Thé Dude who transfers the puck to Kevin Hamilton. Hamilton sends the puck to Dermott Lavelle AND HE TAKES A BACKHANDER IN THE SLOT THAT SAILS JUST PAST O'SULLIVAN'S GLOVE! A DOMINANT PERFORMANCE LEADS TO A 3-0 SCARECROW LEAD at 6:14 IN THE FIRST.

The Whalers are working hard in the Crows zone to gain some momentum of their own on a power play. Howie Dewitt digs out the puck from Thé Dude and goes for a wraparound... BUT SCHMIDT ISN'T THERE IN TIME AND THE WHALERS CUT THE DEFICIT TO JUST 3-1, at the 8 minute mark of the first period. DO THEY STILL HAVE SOME LIFE IN THEM YET?

Elias Svensson intercepts a pass in the neutral zone, and sails the puck to a wide open DeMaricus Smyth, in turn sending it to KEVIN HAMILTON ON A BREAKWAY... GREAT PUCK MOVEMENT OPENS UP A HOLE FOR HAMILTON AND HE JUST TAPS IT BEHIND THE BLOCKER OF O'SULLIVAN! The Crows are out to a 4-1 lead and seem to have halted any Whaler momentum just two minutes after the last goal.

The Crows take a face off of the Whaler zone on their own power play, and the puck finds its way to Logan Jensen, and HE TRIES TO GET A WRISTER OFF... but he lacked the solid footing to really drive into the puck and Ostap Maksimov easily jumps in front. BUT Thé Dude TAKES A QUICK SHOT THAT SAILS IN TOP SHELF! A truly spectacular performance by the Crows sees them 5-1 out in front by with just over 4 minutes left in the period.

Guts O'Bigbers wins the ensuing face off and passes to Howie Dewitt AND HE TRIES A SLAPSHOT THAT IS JUST TOO FAST FOR SCHMIDT! The Whalers aren't done yet, only down 5-2 4 seconds later in the first.

The Crows are really digging in here to score before the end of the period, Anuj Radia passes back to Michael Fischer near the blue line and he heads towards the net... FISCHER SHOOTS AND RADIA GETS A STICK ON IT! THE DEFLECTION IS JUST ABOVE THE BLOCKER OF Kļaviņš FOR A GOAL! The Crows continue with an onslaught of 6 first period goals, setting them ahead 6-2 of the Whalers with less than a minute left in the period.

Lizzy Jukka enters the St. Louis zone with the puck, and crosses to Sven Brokstad FOR A ONE TIMER... IT GOES IN BELOW SCHMIDT'S GLOVE! The Whalers are attempting a comeback here down 6-3 six minutes into the second.

The Whalers have spent nearly a minute in the Scarecrows zone, trying to build on their previous momentum. Howie Dewitt and Gus O'Bigbers are trying to work between Crow defenders, O'Bigbers takes the puck up close... AND PUTS IT IN THE NET WITH A NICE FLOATER FROM UP CLOSE 3 MINUTES AFTER THEIR LAST! Could the Whalers have a chance here at surmounting a 6-4 deficit to keep their series alive?

Jon Tellofsen intercepts a pass from Karno Grönkjær and quickly reverses it to Paddy O' Sullivan. O'Sullivan flips it to Tony Snow FOR A LONG SHOT THAT Kļaviņš IS UNABLE TO FIND! St. Louis may have put this game away at a continued three goal lead of 7-4 at less than two minutes remaining in the second period.

Word Count: 757

Task #4

The MVP of the playoffs has to be Logan Jensen. Without a doubt, he was the main scoring threat that both the Vancouver Whalers and Detroit Falcons were afraid of, and had to consistently account for. Jensen put the puck into the net 7 times, and gave his teammates 5 more, for a total of 12 points in 10 games. A shot percentage of 22% ain't bad either. He wasn't only an offensive threat; scoring 11 hits on defense isn't nothing to scoff at. Other MVP candidates like Jack or Connor Tanner took three more games to achieve similar stat lines, and even then Jensen clearly took more advantage of his opportunities than they did. If we're pointing out a singular player that meant the most to his team, the only reasonable choice has to be Jensen. I would even go as far as saying he was a key part of the first round sweep, and getting us out to a 2-1 lead on the Falcons.

Word Count: 161

Task #5

user posted image

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Task #1 - Top 5 Single Game Performances
1.) Tommy Tuck - Game 29 Prince George vs Montreal
In Tommy Tuck’s rookie season he played many more games than the average rookie goalie would. He not only rose to that occasion, he got a shutout in his first postseason. Saving 38 shots over the course of nearly 86 minutes of playing time, Tuck secured a 1-0 overtime win for the Firebirds.

2.) Paddy O’Sullivan - Game 4 St. Louis vs Vancouver
In Paddy O’Sullivan’s first SMJHL playoff game, he decided he was going to make his mark on the franchise and history. In just two periods O’Sullivan was able to get his first playoff hat-trick. With this being his rookie season, expectations will be high for O’Sullivan’s sophomore season.

3.) Babar Bananerstrom - Game 31 Prince George vs Montreal
Bananerstrom, a seasoned veteran, put up points all year, but in this game he absolutely dominated. Scoring a hat-trick and taking seven shots, Bananerstrom carried the offense this game on his back and also played his fair share of time on the PK.

4.) Dionyz Vyskoc - Game 41 Prince George vs Montreal
Vyskoc had a three point game against Montreal, scoring two goals and one assists. He had the composure to keep from taking any penalties with the Militia hounding him the entire game. It was a stellar game that the SMJHL has come to expect from a seasoned veteran like Vyskoc.

5.) Finn Jakobsen - Game 7 Kelowna vs Montreal
Jakobsen had a stellar game for Kelowna against Montreal in the midst of a disappointing series. Scoring one goal and picking up two assists, he was also plus two with four hits. He really showed off his ability to play on both sides of the pick.

Task #2 - Brady McIntyre interviews The Dude on the Scarecrows Network
McIntyre: Alright El Capitano, it looks like I'm supposed to ask you some questions off of these cue cards or something? So... The first one is how do you feel about how far we got in the playoffs and the way our season ended?

Dude: thick French accent Of course I am disappointed in our performance in the playoffs. As captain I feel like I did not lead the team as well as I could have. I am also disappointed in my performance on the ice. It was an average season and an average postseason for me.

McIntyre: Dang, I thought we did pretty good. I do feel like we were better than where we finished though. The next question was about how you felt you did personally, but you kind of already answered that so we'll go to the next one. Who's the goofiest guy in the locker room and what did they do to get that title?

Dude: The goofiest guy in the locker room is a tie between Lavelle and Lombardi. Lavelle because he shows up in the middle of the night just to talk shit and Lombardi because he's already aged out of the smjhl but he still hangs out in our locker room.

McIntyre: I thought Lombardi was just the coach's cousin or something, makes more sense that he hangs around the room now! Alright, what are you hoping for out of the team next year and do you think you'll be returning the carry the captain's torch?

Dude: Personally I hope to greatly improve on my performance. If I can produce offense then the team will be better for it. I also hope to see good things out of all the great rookies' sophomore years. I expect we'll go far. As for the captaincy, I wouldn't mind if it was passed to someone more deserving as long as I get the A.

McIntyre: I think you deserve to keep the C personally. I know you’ve helped me a lot this season, and other guys see you as a leader. Looks like that’s all the questions they gave me so I guess that’s it. You got anything else you wanna say?

Dude: Not really. Um… Caw caw?

McIntyre: CAW CAW! We’re coming for you Detroit. Watch out.

Task #3 - St. Louis vs Vancouver Game 4 Highlights
To start with, we'll take a look at some game statistics. The following chart shows each team's number of faceoffs won, hits and shots blocked.

user posted image

The stats surprised in a weird way. Although the Whalers won more faceoffs and blocked more shots, it seems that they just were unable to capitalize on their scoring opportunities.

Now to the exciting parts. St. Louis opened the scoring with three back to back to back goals.

Bobby Watson starting off the scoring by getting open in the slot and putting the puck in the net on O’Sullivan’s far side. (Watson from Paige, Jensen)

Giuseppe Risolo added to the scoring less than a minute later coming in wide and beating the defenseman to come in across O’Sullivan and put it in the short side up high. (Risolo from Jensen, Paige)

Dermot Lavelle picked up the puck from a great pass off the boards from Kevin Hamilton sniped a wrister short side past O’Sullivan. (Lavelle from Hamilton, Dude)

Howie did everything he could to keep the Whaler’s dreams of round two alive. He scored his first goal on the power play with his first shot being block, but his second finding the back of the net for the Whaler’s first goal of the game. (Dewitt from Downski, Love)

Howie scored his second goal off of the rush, winding up a beautiful slap shot and putting the puck straight over Schmidt’s right shoulder. (Dewitt from O’Bigbers)

Friedrich Schmidt kept the Whalers from getting into the game with some incredible saves, the greatest of which came in the second period to deny Howie Dewitt’s hat-trick.

Scarecrows captain The Dude proved his worth by putting away the game winning goal. Through pure effort he battled his way to the net and deked out the goalie for the fourth goal for the Crows. (Dude from Jensen, Risolo)

Task #4 - Playoff MVP: Logan Jensen
This may seem like a homer pick, but in all honesty I believe if the playoff MVP were handed today the player who most deserves it is Logan Jensen. The other two players who I think are in the running are Jack and Connor Tanner. Jensen is tied for the most points with one other player, Jack Tanner. J. Tanner also has three more games played than Jensen. He is also tied for the most goals with one other player, Connor Tanner. C. Tanner has three more games played than Jensen as well. Jensen is tied for 4th in plus/minus while playing an average of 3.4 penalty kill minutes per game. Additionally, Jensen scored only three points on the powerplay, but J. Tanner scored 5 on the power player and C. Tanner scored 7 on the power play. Since it is harder to score points during five on five play I believe those points are more valuable than the points the Tanner brothers scored on the power play, adding to the argument that Jensen deserves to be the playoff MVP.

Task #5 - Banner Paddy Kane-Reilly Playoff MVP
user posted image

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Task #1 - Top 5 Biggest Dicks in the S38 SMJHL Four Stars Cup Playoffs

#5 - Kelowna Knights -
According to Nour,
our penises r too big
no cos they r very light and we will use them like tails
whack u with them

#4 - SMJHL GMs -
Before the playoffs started we had the Johnny Yuma debacle. Im not sure who said what and what was done, but what i do know is that my dood Johnny Yuma could be in net for the Crows.

#3 - Clint Eastwood -
As Thunder39 has made it well aware,
clint eastwood has a nice penis, it has tremendous girth and it's harder than dwayne "the rock" johnson"

#2 - Richard Physt -
We all know what they say about having big hands. Well Big Dick Physt of the Kelowna Knights is #2, he's name is literally Dick, so we had to include him in our list.

#1 - Logan Jensen -
In at #1 is Logan Jensen. As we are all well aware, at the beginning of the season, during the draft actually, Logan decided to TD Galatrix. On what we came to learn was a dare, Logan was just flexin' and is the #1 Biggest Dick in the S38 SMJHL Four Stars Cup Playoffs

Task #2 - Interview with Dermot Lavelle

Smyth: There is some reporter in the back that is probably sweating bullets right now, seeing as I borrowed there mic. So lets make this quick. How did you feel about the ending to this season, after yet another 2nd round exit at the hands of the Detroit Falcons?

Lavelle: Dissapointing. To go out to Detroit AGAIN in the 2nd round, granted Seattle fucked us by taking our starting goaltender but regardless we're good enough to take it all home next season.

Smyth: #FREEYUMA. Where do you think the Crows are going to end up next season, playoff picture wise?

Lavelle: St. Louis are easily a top 2 team next season and our regular season record will show it. We're champions and if not we're definitely a good bridesmaid.

Smyth: Do you have any words for those Crows moving up to the next level? Whether its guys like Kevin Hamilton, who were with us from the trade deadline, or guys Like Johnny Yuma, who've spent their entire careers scaring birds away.

Lavelle: Pretty much to continue what you're doing, you got into this position by putting in the work and being a great player, keep it up and take them cups home in the SHL.

Task #3 - St. Louis Scarecrows vs. Vancouver Whalers Game 4 Round 1 Comparison
user posted image

Task #4 - #FREEYUMA

In my opinion the the player that deserves to win S38 SMJHL Four Stars Cup Playoff MVP is St. Louis Scarecrows starting goaltender Fredrich Schmidt after the debacle that was Johnny Yuma not being allowed to play for the Crows in the Playoffs Schmidt stepped up and stood on his head. Starting all 10 games for St. Louis, Schmidt recorded 6 wins, posted a GAA of 2.56 and a save percentage of .897. If he keeps it up he will defiantly be one of the top tendies in the SMJHL in no time. Through the first two rounds Schmidt posted the best stats for any goalie along side the Crows. The Crow bois helped Schmidt out any time they could by only allowing him to see 252 shots, including blocking 66, through 10 games. All in all Fredrich Smchidt is my vote for S38 SMJHL Four Stars Cup Playoff MVP.

Task #5 - Congrats PGF
user posted image

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Task #1 -
The playoffs have been an exciting time for everyone but sometimes even more exciting for celebrities here are the top 5 celeb/people apperances thus far in the playoffs
1. Ashton Kutcher
user posted image
Spotted at the PGF game with some excited fans sitting onside of him

2&3. Taylor Swift & Demi Lavato
user posted image
Seen briefly in the 3rd period of the Montreal game these two celebs took a day off of their busy touring schedule to sit back and relax with a game of Playoff hockey

4. Former President Bill Clinton
user posted image
Mr. Clinton was spotted ice level by cameras as he took on a game 7 in the SMJHL. Who knew a former president was a hockey fan!

5. Paul McCartney
user posted image
Paul was caught questioning a call by a Ref at the latest SMJHL playoff game. Some say he was screaming that the kids told him to be quiet because they were getting a headache.

Task #2:
Welcome to Higgins' very own Team interview where I will be interviewing star rookie defender, James Johnson.
Higgins: "Hey James, we've just finished up the season, whats your plans for the off-season?"
Johnson: "Well, Geoff I bought a new five-iron recently so I'm going to go give golfing a try and hopefully have a decent summer doing it"

Higgins: "What was the biggest factor for the Halifax Raiders downfall this season?"
Johnson: "I think coming into the season expectations were low. So it wasn't really a downfall, yes I think maybe we could have placed a standing higher but still no playoffs regardless. We all knew what to expect coming in, a build for next season and stay hopeful this season. That's all, no big factor or anything."

Higgins: "Alright James, last question. If you could trade any player on the Raiders roster who would it be?"
Johnson: "I wouldn't trade any player. Although I'd love to trade 44 just to get him out of the Lockerroom. Dudes a real bummer all the time. Not knowing how to wheel and deal, or even make a decent trade, joking. There really isn't any need to trade anyone this off-season so I'd just let the roster sit as it is."

Well there you have it everyone, James Johnson's outlook on this off-season and future expectations of the raiders. Thank you everyone for joining me.

Task #3:
We are midway through the third period of this dramatic Game 7 between the Prince George Firebirds and the Montreal Militia. The Firebirds are up 2-0 and Montreal really needs to a goal to turn momentum and they need it quick! The Puck is about to be dropped in the Montreal zone. Berezin wins it back to his defenders. The puck runs between the legs and comes out of the zone. Off goes the Montreal winger, IN ALL ALONE! SAVEEEE! What an attempt to get the goal within one but Aleksandrov makes a beautiful pad save robbing him from the bitter sweet taste and keeping the shutout bid alive! THe puck is dropped in the Prince George zone. Montreal wins it but the defender falls and turns it over! The puck goes to Zemgus Nylander and he makes his way over center ice carrying the puck all the way. Shoots! Save, REBOUND! Save! It comes back to Nylander again this time he fakes! PASSES, Vyskoc has it on his stick! WHIPS ONE TOWARDS THE NET! SCOREEEEEEESSSSS!!! FIREBIRDS SCORE!!!!! THEY MAKE IT 3-0 WITH LESS THAN 9 TO GO. HOLY SMOKES WHAT A BEAUTY! Vyskoc who scored the opening goal on the powerplay and made an amazing dish to Anders Christiansen decided that 2 points was not enough and that he needed one more! The Militia will have some decision making to do because they need 3 in less than 9 minutes, The chances are slim but if anyone can do it, it would be them!
[255 words]

Task #4:
This may be a far fetched idea just because St. Louis did not even make it to the finals but the Scarecrows player Logan Jensen gets my bid for the Playoffs Most Valuable Player. Only playing 10 games and recording 12 points, and a decent +5 rating there should be no doubt in this pick to get an MVP award this year. The guy fought through some of the toughest adversity in his career and threw the crows on his back and just gave one giant push. He is definitely a player who has the high potential to be the next Elias Armia. He plays big on his skates and has a high IQ in picking his shots. He's proven himself ready for that SHL role, in my opinion, better than the actual winners and runner ups of the SHL playoffs. For the award committee to pass over him without even a bit of consideration would be a travesty.
[159 words]

I am saddened that I cannot do task 5 due to my lack of skill in gfx

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Task #1
Top 5 Backup Goalies:

5: Friedrich Schmidt/Johnny Yuma http://i49.tinypic.com/27ysaaq.png

At number is the tandem of Yuma and Schmidt who helped the Scarecrows advance to the second round despite not playing any minutes. Perhaps if they got some game time St. Louis might still be playing.

4: Sebastien Primeau http://oi47.tinypic.com/nb1xmr.jpg

Stuck behind one of the better goalies in the league is this rookie who has been helping the Falcons all the way to the finals. The grace with which he opens the gate is unparalleled in this league.

3: Roberts Kļaviņš http://i.imgur.com/D6T4tiy.png

Coming in as relief for rookie O'Sullivan was this veteran backup. In 84 minutes played he was only scored on four time. With his play vastly better than his contemporary one has to wonder if he could have turned the tide in Vancouver.

2: Aleksandr Aleksandrov http://i45.tinypic.com/2ut59pt.png

Losing his job to rookie sensation Tommy Tuck has not deterred this tendy from playing well when called upon. Sporting a 2-0-1 record with a shutout in the playoffs has certainly helped vault the Firechickens into the finals. Having the ability to throw in a goalie like this must give the coach a little relief.

1: Barry MacCockener http://i.imgur.com/bV07Cxf.png

Not only does this individual have a fantastic name that is in no way offensive or juvenile, he also boast some impressive numbers. Rookie Moreau has been quite impressive during the playoffs but MacCockener has a .926 save percentage; maybe Montreal just has some stiff D.

Task #2 -

I managed to snag a mic and grill fellow rookie Karno Grönkjær following Vancouver's swift exit out of the playoffs.

LC: So Gronk how did you feel about the way you played?

KG: I finished the playoffs +1 while you were a ghastly -6 and that is why I was justly drafted way before you. Coach should have cut your minutes and played me more and then we would have been better.

LC: Right... you still didn't chip in any offence to speak of so you were clearly gifted better match-ups. Speaking of, why can't you figure out where the offensive zone is?

KG: Listen dummy, you had no points either and you're supposedly an offensive defence man. Not only that but I out shot you too, maybe you should try doing something once in a while.

LC: ...we have no reply... wait no, fuck that! You only had 1 shot you hack. And you only had one more hit than me, you also tied me in blocks. Maybe you should try paying attention and stop getting hit so much. What do you think about that?

KG: First of all, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Secondly, I was trying my best to get the puck out of danger and that means taking some hits. If you want to make it in this league you need to buck up and make a play.


Task #3

The clock shows 4:10 in the first period as the referee drops the puck. Every player on the ice has adrenaline coursing through their veins, Guts O'Bigbers gets down low and digs hard against Bobby Watson. Guts wins the battle and the puck goes back to Danny Mete who looks for an outlet. Finding nothing available, Mete does his best to trap the puck along the boards but he is hit by Seth Paige and the puck squirts free. The Scarecrows are able to coral the lost puck and work it around the Whalers defence where Bobby Watson buries the puck for the first goal of the game.

The Scarecrows manage to deposit the biscuit into the back of the net another five times in the first period, Vancouver answers with just two of their own. Once the puck is dropped in the second period, the Whalers go about trying to dig themselves out of the huge hole they put themselves in. Vancouver scores the first two of the period to bring them within two of St. Louis' six tallies and Howie Dewitt is the man leading that charge. The time is dwindling down in the second period and there is now less than three minutes to go; Vancouver needs to get on the board here to give themselves a chance in the third.

Marcus Shane wins the faceoff in the neutral zone to give Vancouver possession but the Scarecrows are all over them and force a turnover, Kļaviņš swallows the puck. Wong goes out to take the draw and again the Whalers come away with the puck but they cannot turn it into a goal. Vancouver gets their fore-check going and it looks like they might be able to get something going when Tony Flow is sprung on a breakaway by Paddy O'Sullivan and he makes no mistake. I hate to say it but that was the straw that broke the camel's back and Vancouver couldn't get out of that hole as St. Louis cruised onto the second round.

Task #4

When looking for an MVP you have to look no further than goalie Evgueni Marmeladov of the Detroit Falcons. The tendy made short work of the high scoring Scarecrows in the second round with an impressive and league leading .935 save percentage to go with his league leading 1.79 goals against average. Any time that you let in less than 2 goals a game you are giving your team a very good chance to win the game. The net minder has only been beaten 11 times thus far and that might be all the Falcons need to beat the Firebirds in the finals. Not only has Evgueni been allowing less than two goals a game, he has yet to surrender more than two in a game and his confidence must be sky high right now. Did I mention all of this was done with not one, not two, not three but FOUR rookie defenders in front of him?

Task #5 -

Dumb task that I will not do, you done messed up PT staff.

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Task #1 - Make a top 5 list for the playoffs. Top 5 goals in round 1, top 5 players, top 5 noteworthy people in the audience for one of the games, whatever you want. No word count, but if you just list 5 names, you won't get the full 2 tpe. Be a little creative.

The Top 5 Playoff Performers!

5. Connor Tanner http://i.imgur.com/bV07Cxf.png

The Militia forward had a great season and has been a top playoff performer, scoring 7 goals, 11 points and 20 hits during the S38 SMJHL playoffs. Although the Militia did not progress Tanner led the league in goals and gave a performance that he can really be proud of!

4. Jack Tanner http://i.imgur.com/bV07Cxf.png

Connor's brother had a very good playoffs too, being able to outperform his sibling very slightly by scoring 12 points. Jack was the second best point scorer in the league up until this point and was one of the catalysts behind the Militia's success and ability to surprise a strong Prince George Firebirds team.

3. Dionýz Vyskoč http://i45.tinypic.com/2ut59pt.png

Prince George Firebirds superstar Vyskoč has been explosive in the seven games he has played in the postseason so far, scoring nine points in seven games played. Dionyz scored the last goal of the Firebirds series against the Militia and will be the player looked on to deliver an all star performance in the Four Star Cup finals!

2. Logan Jensen http://i49.tinypic.com/27ysaaq.png

The controversial St. Louis Scarecrows forward Logan Jensen had an exceptional playoff performance this season. Leading the entire SMJHL in points and tied for the lead in goals with seven, Jensen was the driving force behind the Scarecrows and gave them a very real chance of making the cup finals!

1. Evgueni Marmeladov http://oi47.tinypic.com/nb1xmr.jpg

Perhaps I am biased to value a goaltender's performance more than other players but Evgueni Marmeladov has been a sensation for the Falcons all season long, and that has continued in the playoffs. He has dominated all other goaltenders in every category and made it impossible for the Scarecrows to ever get a real grasp on their series against the Falcons. An incredible performance so far by the goaltender, that his team will require him to continue if they want to win the Four Star Cup!

Task #2 - Interview one of your teammates as if you stole a reporter's mic before or after a playoff game. If you didn't make the playoffs, do it as though it's the season exit interview. Can be as serious or not-serious as you want. Include at least 3 questions and 3 answers.

Cédric Moreau: I've taken a mic and I've got Connor Tanner here with me, the man who just scored the series winning goal against the Kelowna Knights! Connor what was going through your head when you took that pass from Kyle Keenan Jr in front of the net?

Connor Tanner: I didn't really have time to think, the puck came to me right on the spot and I managed to just get it past Holtby and that was that. It sure felt amazing about a second after when it had really sunk in though!

CM: How important were the young rookies in the team in winning us the series?[/b]

CT: The rookies played really well all series and tonight in particular, it was Patrick Brumm Jr who scored twice and got us on top in the game and gave us the chance to win tonight, and Keenan Jr. who made the assist on my goal. They really were the reason we came out on top, it's exciting to see young guys play that well!

CM: We're going to the next round! Can we get the outcome we want against the Firebirds?

CT: Of course we can! We've only just started to show what we can do with this squad, the Firebirds might have made a lot of moves but they're still going to need to play well to keep us down. We're hungry to win!

Task #3 - Write a goals highlight play by play for one series winning game, or make an infographic featuring stats from a series winning game.
Requirements: At least 250 words for written / at least 4 stats featured in at least 2 different ways for graphics (bar graphs, pie graphs, list of names, etc)

Montreal Militia vs. Kelowna Knights - Game 6;

[center]"About half the time in the third period of this playoff game between the Montreal Militia and the Kelowna Knights has gone by, the Militia currently have the scoring advantage as they lead by two goals to one. The Knights have had their chances to level the score however and must not be ruled out as a threat just yet however! The two teams are battling for possession in the neutral zone and there looks like something untoward might have happened there, and yes, there's going to be a penalty. It's Mirio Togata of Kelowna who will be sent to the box for two minutes. The Militia will look to score on the powerplay and secure their lead. Connor Tanner tries to make a pass ahead but that will be called icing and the puck goes into the Militia zone. There's a draw between Alexander McKinley and Lindqvist, Lindqvist wins the faceoff but he can't hold the puck as Jack Tanner picks his pocket! Jack Tanner makes a pass ahead to Kyle Keenan Jr. who will skate it into the Militia zone, Keenan pauses for a moment and looks up to see Connor Tanner at the far post! Keenan make the pass across to Tanner who fires a big one timer that will fly past Ben Holtby into the top of the goal, there was nothing he could to stop it! The Militia have doubled their lead and taken the score to 3-1, they are now firmly in control! This is their game, and their series to lose now."


Task #4 - Make a case for who you think deserves to win Playoff MVP.
Requirements: At least 150 words and a minimum of 2 stats.

The player that I think deserves to win the award of Playoff MVP is the Detroit Falcons' goaltender, Evgueni Marmeladov! In a playoff season that saw good goaltender performances from the likes of Tommy Tuck, Cédric Moreau and Ben Holtby, Marmeladov has been able to stand out as the best goaltender in every statistic, and was the player who was most responsible for the Falcons winning their playoff series against the Scarecrows! Marmeladov has the best Save% of the whole playoffs with 0.935, and the best Goals Against Average as well with 1.79, which tells you all you need to know about the backbone of the Falcons team. Marmeladov was the best goaltender in the SHL during the regular season and he has continued that form to be the best goaltender in the post season by a great distance, he is a huge part of the Detroit team and all the success that they enjoy!


Task #5 - Create a 4 Star Cup Championship banner similar to the one the SHL uses at the top of the site.
Requirements: Must include a team logo and at least one player render.

user posted image

(I'm sorry it's so bad but I'm not a graphics person at all!)

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Task #1 -
5 Rookie Scoring Leaders Heading into the 4 Star Cup. (As of today sorry, not sorry)
5 - Patrick Brumm Jr. http://i.imgur.com/bV07Cxf.png 3G 2A 5PTs - Some scrub

4 - Paddy O'Sullivan http://i49.tinypic.com/27ysaaq.png 3G 2A 5PTs - The artist formerly known as Ryan King, solid all around guy and built a solid player with his 1st gen.

3 - Fredrich Koenig http://i.imgur.com/bV07Cxf.png 1G 5A 6PTS - Tez went first overall so it's not shocking to see him on this list.

2 - Rocky Park http://i.imgur.com/bV07Cxf.png 1G 6A 7PTS - This is the shocker the 173 inactive doing big boy things. Not much to say dudes inactive but we appreciate ya.

1 - Kyle Keenan Jr http://i.imgur.com/bV07Cxf.png 2G 5A 7PTS - It's no surprise to see Keenan top this list as he is a veteran of the site, and his player started a little late this season. You can see he will be a big time contributor next season.

This is a list that has to make Militia ownership excited to have 4 rookies in the top 5 of rookie playoff scoring. Special shoutout Rocky Park making the list with 173 TPE.

Task #2 - Interviewing Keygan

http://i5.ifrm.com/14976/177/emo/reporter.gif If you had to vote one person off the Militia who would it be and why?

CT: : I'd vote off Artemi Benezin for coming close to my point total, I'm the lone star of the team.

http://i5.ifrm.com/14976/177/emo/reporter.gif How many more Tanner brothers are out there in the world?

CT: There's currently four that play hockey, who knows how many don't.

http://i5.ifrm.com/14976/177/emo/reporter.gif : If Jordan Ryder didn’t die, would he be better than Connor Tanner?

CT: Probably, he was second overall for a reason.

Task #3 - Write a goals highlight play by play for one series winning game, or make an infographic featuring stats from a series winning game.
Requirements: At least 250 words for written / at least 4 stats featured in at least 2 different ways for graphics (bar graphs, pie graphs, list of names, etc)

It's game 6 of the SMJHL 4 Star Cup quarter finals and we got Montreal vs Kelowna. Lets waste no time and jump right into the scoring action for this one.

The first 10 minutes of the game get off to a lull as we see some back and forth action but nothing really promising until 10:47. Montreal's Keenan takes an offsides and the puck heads back to the MTL zone - Brock Becker wins the face off and Kelowna begins cycling TOGOTA, back to Becker! He fakes the shot, and feeds it to Jacob Dorty who tucks it home. 1 - 0 Kelowna.

Powerplays are the time when you have to make the opposition pay for being naughty - At 14:48 of that Montreal would do that. With 2 defenders taking the ice as forwards on the 1st PP line you would expect a physical line, but that's not what they got. Brumm and Connor Tanner soar past the defense, the defense cues on MVP candidate Tanner, but he dishes to Brumm right before getting crushed. Brumm capitalizes on the PP opportunity 1-1

8:16 2nd period power play we get more of the same as this time it's a break away with Berezin and Brumm we'll call them the killer B's. Brumm Shoots and he scores 2 -1 MTL.

6:00 and guess what Milita back on the PP. Can Brumm Jr. notch his first career hat trick? NO IT'S CONNOR TANNER AND HE DOES IT 3-1 THE MOST DANGEROUS LEAD IN HOCKEY!!

Fenton Uriel finds Miervaldis Frīdrihs Ozoliņš for a late even strength goal, but it's too little to late. The power play was the Achilles heel of the Knights this evening.

Task #4 - Make a case for who you think deserves to win Playoff MVP.
Requirements: At least 150 words and a minimum of 2 stats.

While I may disagree on the regular season the hands down Playoff MVP is Paddy Kane-Reilly. He was the dominant force behind PGF’s playoff run and their regular season as well. While the team was loaded with talent due to a late season trade PKR shined in the playoffs and for that very reason it will be no shock when they are calling his name for Playoff MVP.

Every aspect of Kane-Reily’s game shined through and that’s easy to see when looking at the various top 10 lists. Despite being the 8th best faceoff artist an item PKR’s SHL team will surely look for improve on although 51.58% on the dot is nothing to scawf at it’s one of the weakest areas of his game.

PKR isn’t afraid to throw the body notching 23 hits, and he shines on PP with 3 PP goals which was good enough for 3rd in that category. Where PKR was number one was scoring amongst centers.

Task #5 - Create a 4 Star Cup Championship banner similar to the one the SHL uses at the top of the site.
Requirements: Must include a team logo and at least one player render.

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Task #1 - Make a top 5 list for the playoffs.

TOP 5 most exciting games of the play-off Round 1 and conference championship in SMJHL:

#1 - Montreal Militia make a heroic comeback after going 0-2 in first period to PGF to then win it in overtime and pull the series to game 7.

#2 - Detroit Falcons eliminate Scarecrows in a very exciting 3-2 game. Scarecrows bombarded the Falcons in the 3rd period but failed to equalize.

#3 - Montreal Militia advance to conference finals after winning Kelowna in a 3-2 game.

#4 - PGF against Montreal in game 1, some top notch goaltending performances with PGF coming out on top only on OT2

#5 - A real bombardment of goals with Prince George Firebirds painfully taking away a win from Montreal in a 6-5 win.

Task #2 - Interview one of your teammates as if you stole a reporter's mic before or after a playoff game.

http://i5.ifrm.com/14976/177/emo/reporter.gif We're here with the hat-trick hero Jack Tanner after scoring 3 against Prince George Firebirds in Game 3 of the conference Championship! How does it feel?

You've no idea, we've been working very hard against such hard organization. They have a tremendous squad, we put in a lot of work and games like these give you a hope to really take on the very big teams.

http://i5.ifrm.com/14976/177/emo/reporter.gif Both losses were away from home, now you've managed to win pretty comfortable here in Montreal and have another game in hand at home to equalize the score in series. Is the atmosphere really a factor in this?

I think to a point, yes. We have to travel very far to Prince George and the atmosphere in their games is electrifying. I can only imagine how motivated their guys are when they step on the ice.

:interview; If you had to point out a player that also helped a lot in your team tonight, who would it be?

I can't really point out anyone, everyone was contributing a lot. I'll say Cedric Moreau since he conceded only one goal .

Task #3 - Write a goals highlight play by play for one series winning game, or make an infographic featuring stats from a series winning game. (250)

Hello ladies and gentlemen to SMJHL sportscast.com goal highlight show, tonight we will show the goals from the series gaming win in Prince George where the local PGF beat Montreal Militia 3-0 and advanced to the Four Star Cup finals.

The scoreline is opened in 5th minute of regulation during powerplay.

Commentator: Prince George really looking for that first goal here, Aleksandr Aleksandrov slides down right side, passes left to Tomaš Toothsome, oh but he finds Dionyz Vyškoč open near goal! Vyškoč, oh but saved my Moreau, but he's there for the deflected puck! 1-0!!!


The game quickly went down-hill as Prince George added to the scoreline just 3 minutes later.

Commentator: Daedric Heikennin retrieves the puck behind the goal, finds Dionyz Vyskoč. He fakes a shot passes it left to Anders Christensen. ONE-TIMER!!! GOAL!!!! Prince George Firebirds double their lead and Cedric Moreau looks absolutely devastated after conceding that goal! And it's Anders Christensen out of all people, he plays just barely 4 minutes every game!


Montreal Militia failed to create any decent chance for themselves and were completely eliminated when the 3rd goal was scored by Dionyz Vyškoč 12 minutes into the third.

Commentator: Montreal Militia really looking to get a goal back, Artemi Berezin wins the face-off here, oh but he's hit! Zemgus Nylander retrieves the puck and passes, oh would you look at that!! Militia's defence is caught napping, Dionyz Vyškoč just with Moreau to beat... SCOOOOOOOOOOORESS!!! THAT PUTS IT BEYOND ANY DOUBT! A beautiful one on one move!

Task #4 - Make a case for who you think deserves to win Playoff MVP.
Requirements: At least 150 words and a minimum of 2 stats.

I will have to point out Dionyz Vyškoč who was the player that put the final nail in the coffin for Montreal's Championship final hopes. He was by far the most dominant player in Prince George's team and was getting points in every game against Montreal. That also reflects in his stats - 9 points in 7 games played until the Championship game.

Vyškoč also is a real team player as he is currently the 2nd best assistant in SMJHL play-offs 6 assists as well the 2nd best right-wing with 9 points (3+6). His pointscoring also reflects in how many he can get in the time played, Dionyz has a very beautiful 1.23 points per 20 mins stat, only five players possess this stat over 1.0.

Although I mostly mentioned offensive stats and Dionyz doesn't have much of a defensive contribution, he still is one of the best players to watch in this play-off season.

Task #5 - Create a 4 Star Cup Championship banner similar to the one the SHL uses at the top of the site.
Requirements: Must include a team logo and at least one player render.

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>tfw u take defense as a weakness
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1. Top 5 Celebrity Appearances in Round 1:

5. Taylor Kitsch
user posted image

The hunking star of Friday Night Lights and that shitty mars movie made his appearance back in his hometown of Kelowna to support the local club. Although not as well known as some of the other celebrities, the Kelowna contingency went crazy when his face appeared on the jumbo-tron.

4. Jon Hamm
user posted image
The Mad Men star has been a vocal supporter for the various St. Louis teams, and the Scarecrows are no exception. Even though they are a minor league team, they Missouri native showed his support for the hockey club by renting a box and bringing local students to take in the early playoff action while getting into it himself.

3. Ryan Reynolds + Blake Lively
user posted image
There is no secret that the most handsome couple in Hollywood is also one of the funniest. Deadpool and his Gossip dishing wife, Blake, repped the blue and green of Vancouver hard during the first round of the playoffs to the appeasement of the 604 faithful.

2. Justin Trudeau
user posted image
Say what you want, but there is only one tatted Justin with great hair that makes the ladies swoon, and his name is Trudeau. The Prime Minister helped celebrate the Militia’s anniversary by dropping the puck during the ceremonial face off.

1. Eminem
user posted image
Eminem tops our list even though his club didn’t even play the first round. Eminem, being a partial owner of the Detroit Falcons, decided that he was going to join the Falcons in the Bahamas as they recuperated the long season while preparing for the second round. Eminem is more than a fan of the Falcons, he is a key part of their identity and is our favourite celebrity fan of the first round.


2. Sebastien Primeau Interview

Good afternoon, welcome back to the Marius Monday Madness hour live with your host and favourite Falcon, Viktor “San Diego” Marius coming to you from SMJHL TV. Usually on our show, we like to do crazy antics, but today, I have something that I have to get off my chest. 

Since recently joining our squad, our backup goalkeeper Sebastien Primetime Primeau has been a great addition to our team, but he hasn’t been acting like a great teammate. Let’s talk to him about it.

Hey Primetime, what’s going on.

Damn it Viktor why are you dressed like that, I have a session in a couple minutes.

No don’t worry, I’m with SMJHL TV and we wanted to talk to you about something. So, it’s isn’t a surprise to anybody on the Falcons, but many fans don’t know that I have been dating your sister over the past few months. How do you feel about it?

Wait you are doing this now, on camera, well if you want to know, I’m not a big fan of it. She is out of your league and you probably should have asked me before dated her.

Well as you know, I met her at a team party and I had no idea she was your sister, I just noticed this pretty girl and went to talk to her, the rest is history, how are you two related? She may be out of my league, but I can’t believe y’all came from the same dna.

Buddy, you need to lay off the sister jokes man, I’m happy she is happy but we don’t need to talk about this. Go back to pranking Makela, I’m not down. Primeau angrily walks away.

And there you have it lady and gentlemen, this has been Marius Monday Madness hour live with your host and favourite Falcon, Viktor “San Diego” Marius coming to you live from SMJHL TV.

3. Game Recap
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4. MVP

There is no doubt in my mind who the early favourite for the SJMHL Playoffs MVP is as there has been one player so far who has single handedly led their team to victory. That player is Evgueni Marmeladov, goaltender for the Detroit Falcons. The Falcons spent the first round on a bye, mainly due to the spectacular play of Marmeladov throughout the season, thus, the sample size to assess Evgueni's play during the playoffs is smaller than other players who have played the full two rounds, however, in the 6 games that we watched, the numbers Marmaledov were the main reason the Falcon's passed by the St. Louis Scarecrows to make their second Finals in a row.

With a 4-1-1 record, a .935 save%, and a 1.79 GAA, both of the latter stats lead the league in the respective categories by a large margin, the numbers tell a story of a solid in form goalie, however, in those 6 games, the Falcons did not showcase their offensive prowess as the shots against were higher than the shots for, meaning the goaltender was quite busy throughout the series. The quiet Marmeledov showed his leadership on the ice with his solid play, sadly causing the St. Louis club to experience yet another dissapointing season.

5. Banner
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Top 5 Dangles

5. Carter Manning drives through the heart of Detroit zone while dangling on some defenders

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4. Kevin Marks turns on the style to get a shot off

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3. Bobby Watson sets up Logan Jensen with a dirty between the legs pass

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2. Paddy O'Sullivan evading a Whalers defenseman before his second goal in Game 1

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1. Dionýz Vyskoč shows off as he scores the first goal for Prince George in Game 7 vs MTL

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Task #2
"Hello folks, it's Mikhail Lokitonov coming to you live from the Prince George Locker Room before the Game 7 of the Four Star Cup Finals vs Detroit. I am here with PGF Captain Dionýz Vyskoč. Tough game 6 lost has pushed this series to 7. What do you think PGF needs to do to seal this series?"

DV: "You know, besides a couple games I can't really see much wrong with what we're doing. We took way too many shots and gave them too many chances and that's how we lost this game. We need to play smarter, and pick and choose our opportunities. We can't let them get a foot-hold this late in a game. It can't happen again. It won't happen again."

"What would it mean to you to be the first PGF captain to lift the Four Star Cup in 30 seasons?"

DV: "Oh don't you be putting this ideas in my head. I don't need delusions of grandeur to be the reeason I go for a shot rather than passing for an easy goal. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. All I can say is that I'd like that very much."

"With you having to move up to the SHL next season no matter what, what are you going to miss most about PGF?"

DV: "It's really quite a simple and difficult question to answer. The thing I'll miss most about the team is the team, you know? It's the players, the atmosphere, the fans. All these pieces make a team what it is. I haven't felt this at home since U-16 back in Prague. It's . . . well, I think that answers that. I can't be thinking of that right now though, I've got ice-time in three hours that I can't afford to miss."

Task #3
Game 7: MTL @ PGF
Welcome to Prince George as the both the home team and the visiting Militia have just had majors given to Heikennin and Koenig for a scuffle. Both teams feel like this call was soft, but we will continue on. The Militia come out red hot and when the puck in neutral ice. Connor Tanner drives into the Firebirds zone. After a few passing exchanges, Tanner recieves the puck and rips a pass to a WIDE OPEN BEREZIN! AND IT"S IN! You can feel the air be let out of the building as Montreal celebrate a much needed goal. But wait! The refs are going to the review for possible interference! After waiting for the results, they are waving it off! No goal! You can see the Montreal bench deflate. They needed that goal to really get going on the comeback. We will be right back after this commercial break. We return to Prince George, with the Firebirds leading the Militia 2-0 after a waved off Militia goal. The Militia bench is furious, but play resumes here in the second period as we continue with 4 on 4 hockey. You can feel the momentum shift with that review, and the Firebirds start to dominate possession of the puck in the Montreal zone. Vyskoč is really feeling it tonight as he finds a crisp pass to Nylander. Nylander uses the extra space that is available and drives to net, but can't get a shot off. Nylander rounds the net and finds Vyskoč lingering alone at the blue line! Detroit's defense was sucked down to the puck and has left one of Prince George's most dangerous skaters all alone! Vyskoč avoids an on rushing Tanner! He's in the slot with just Moreau left in front of him! A quick forehand to backhand, and back to the forehand! He let's a quick wrister fly! AND HE BEATS MOREAU! Prince George are up 3-0 on Montreal and their captain has been the man of the hour! The players swarm him as he celebrates a possible series clinching goal! Prince George could be back to the Four Star Cup Finals with that goal!

Task #4
People are going to go for the guys who get points for Playoff MVP, like your Paddy Kane-Riellys or Logan Jensens, but the work Evgueni Marmeladov has done is nothing short of spectacular. In Detroit's second round matchup, he put a crazy .935 save % and 1.79 GAA against a very offensive Scarecrows team that had the leading playoff goalscorer in Logan Jensen. And now in the finals, Detroit has been out shot in most of the games against a potent Prince George attack, but Marmeladov has been keeping his team in each game giving them a chance to win. At times he has had to face nearly double the shots, like in Game 2 of the finals where he faced 38 shots while the Falcons only mustered 21. Marmeladov may win the Goaltender of the Year for the regular season, but the work he has done to keep the Falcons in these playoffs is nothing short of special. For me, very few players have had an impact as important as Marmeladov.

Task #5.
Requirements: Must include a team logo and at least one player render.
Dionýz Vyskoč's render is letang
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Credit to Copenhagen and caltroit_red_flames

user posted image RW Mikhail Lokitonov - Player Page - Player Update Page - Twitter

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